What we do

Informatics Matters specialise in providing informatics software and consultancy to life science companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical, biotech sectors, and for publishers. We concentrate on drug discovery informatics, especially bioinformatics and cheminformatics, such as
  • Chemical registration
  • Biological and chemical data management
  • Data reporting and analysis
  • Combinatorial library design
  • Sample and plate management
  • Target identification and analysis
  • Online catalogues
  • CDROM/DVD based catalogues

We have experience in working with tools from many of the standard vendors in the industry, such as MDL, ChemAxon, IDBS, Daylight, Spotfire and Accelrys, as well as open source tools such as RDkit and CDK.

If you have current or upcoming needs in these areas we can assist you in the following ways:

Data migration and warehousing

Migrating legacy data to new systems, or integrating data from different systems is a common need. We bring experience and tools that can ease your process. Of particular mention is migration of chemical data using a flexible approach of scripting and automation that allows lightweight approaches to be applied to complex problems.

Building workflows
Workflows are the bread and butter of drug discovery. Sometimes the workflow is fixed, more often is is dynamic in nature. Either way we how powerful tool and lots of experience in building workflows, and building them in a way that can easily be deployed and integrated.  

Web based software development

Many software systems now need to be run just from within a web browser. We have extensive experience in building web based systems, going back many years. We have experience with modern persistence and web frameworks that simplify and accelerate the development process, and of using these with chemical and biological data. We can provide systems for chemical registration, on-line catalogues and much more.

Swing based software development
Thick clients can be more suitable for more complex systems we have extensive expertise in building these Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications, usually using the excellent Netbeans platform for the basis of these. We have built a number of products using these approaches.

We have strong expertise in modern DevOps practices, including cloud deployment, containerisation using Docker containers, orchestration using Kubernetes and Single Sign On security.

Reporting biological and chemical information

Providing your users with simple access to you chemical and assay data, and allowing them to search and mine that data is a critical part to the drug discovery process. We have extensive experience in providing systems for this. An example would be to build a data mart for your chemical data and you assay data from ActivityBase, and then to report from that data mart using the Instant JChem application that we have developed with ChemAxon.