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CRC dictionaries

We have created a suite of applications for CRC Press for distributing their Chemical Dictionaries on CDROM or DVD format. The Chemical Dictionaries are a well established source of information about molecules, and includes chemical, biological, physical, clinical and literature data. We have created a new application that is distributed on CDROM or DVD that provides users the ability to search and view data from these dictionaries in a simple, easy to use manner.

The application is written in Java and is a Netbeans/Swing based application with a powerful but easy to use user interface, and is based on a core application framework that is branded for each product according to the data and configuration for the particular product. Chemistry functionality is provided by ChemAxon's Marvin and JChem.

If you want to purchase any of these dictionaries then please contact CRC press.

Combined Chemical Dictionary

Dictionary of Drugs

Dictionary of Natural Products